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What can you expect from attending our 1 Day Golf School?

Fix every fault in your game in just 1 Day at our Golf School. We have the ultimate stop over to improve your golf by offering expert tuition, state-of-the-art technology, personalized attention and — lest we forget — a lot of fun. These intense 1 Day Golf schools are structured and prepared for each student individually. The days can be tailored with or without golf on our Championship Golf Course. Everyone has a different area they wish to focus on and our main objective is to give you the tools in which to correct yourself without worrying too much about the next shot. Every aspect of golf can be easier once you have the confidence. Here we strive on making learning fun and easy to remember while trying too get you out on the course as soon as possible.
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If you are interested in booking your Golf Day, please purchase a Golf Day and email the team with the preferred dates. 

What we’ll do during the day

  • We'll start the day by having a coffee and discussing your game around 8am. From there we will start immediately on your weak points. 

  • After an hour or so working on the weakest area of your game, we'll have a brief break and look at the next area until around 12.30.

  • Grab a quick bite at 12.30 to top up the energy levels then restart for an hour working on the range. 

  • At around 2.30 we'll head out on to the course to take a look at your course managent. This will likely take 1-2 hours and we will try to go through various scenarios.

  • We will aim to finish by 4pm and have a brief chat before completing the day. 

  • After completing the Golf School, you will receive an emailed form with notes on what we covered and tips to help you remember the key points. 


We use the latest golf coaching technology to gain as much valuable information as necessary to improve your golf. Depending on the area we work on, some or all of the data is a valuable key to your understanding. Sometimes less is more.


Foresight Simulator Technology


V1 Video Coaching Analysis


FSX Data Technology

V1 Video Analysis

There will be video footage captured all day to assess swing flaws and give you visual feedback about your golf swing and the changes we are implementing. 


Foresight Golf Shot Data Analysis

On occasion, using data provided by our launch monitors will help identiy any areas that the naked eye and video technology can't see. Having this data to hand is invaluable to a players improvement and their knowledge about certain factors.

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