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£499 - 1 Person

£599 - 2 People

What the day includes

  • Overnight Accommodation

  • Breakfast

  • 7 Hours Coaching - all areas

  • Coffee/Tee

  • Lunch

  • Range Balls

  • Course Fees

  • Feedback notes

What we’ll do during the day

  • We'll start the day by having a coffee and discussing your game around 8am. From there we will start immediately on your weak points. 

  • After an hour or so working on the weakest area of your game, we'll have a brief break and look at the next area until around 12.30.

  • Grab a quick bite at 12.30 to top up the energy levels then restart for an hour working on the range. 

  • At around 2.30 we'll head out on to the course to take a look at your course managent. This will likely take 1-2 hours and we will try to go through various scenarios.

  • We will aim to finish by 4pm and have a brief chat before completing the day. 

  • After completing the Golf Schoo, you will receive an emailed form with notes on what we covered and tips to help you remember the key points. 

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